Due to years of homeschooling and being immersed in a culture of varying healthcare and holistic norms, I found my calling to midwifery at the young age of 16. I had no idea how to accomplish this dream, so at 18 I headed off to a nursing school in Oklahoma to get my bachelor’s degree in nursing with the intent to follow that up with my master’s degree in midwifery. After two and a half years of pursuing my degree, while taking a semester off, I met a redheaded midwife in Argyle Texas who gave me tour of the most incredible birthing center I had ever seen. We talked for over an hour about her journey in midwifery, my dream to work in a birthing center like hers, and about the difference between CNMs and CPMs. The following month after praying and discussing every detail of this huge decision with my advisory board of family and friends, I applied and was accepted to the ATM Midwifery Training Program and began school the following semester. I could not be more excited to be training now under that same redheaded midwife in that same dreamy birth center as I continue pursuing my plans of being a midwife.

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