My name is Kathaleen May.  My husband, Paul, and I are the proud parents of 9 children (5 girls, 4 boys, ages 34-15) and grandparents of 7 grandchildren.  I have had many experiences with my own births, from emergency C-sections to a wonderful homebirth.

19 years ago I knew that I had a calling from the Lord in the midwifery, but waited until I was finished having babies and they were older to start my training.  During this waiting period, I became a doula to keep active in the birth community.   After seeing many hospital births (where medical personnel usually have NO idea what to do at a natural, drug-free birth!) I knew my heart was with midwifery and home/birth center birth, where women are empowered and responsible and allow their bodies to do what they were made to do in birth.We are truly “wonderfully and fearfully made” as the Psalmist tells us!

I completed the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program in 2012 which included rigorous academics, hands-on workshops and an apprenticeship. I am now an instructor for this program.

I am excited to provide midwifery care to the awesome, strong women of our community at the beautiful and peaceful All About Babies Birth Center in Argyle, TX.  The staff, students and midwives here are amazing people and so wonderful to partner with in helping our sweet birth center client families grow!

My favorite quote is…

“If we are to heal the earth, we must begin by healing birth”​​​ by Agnes Sallet Von Tannenberg

It is time to start healing the earth!

My first observed birth for midwifery training was my daughter’s second child.  My first birth as a graduate midwife was that daughter’s third child and the other grandma got to help.  Not many children can say they were delivered from by their grannies!   I cannot even tell you the sweetness that comes from being able to welcome a brand new life into the world and it is even more humbling when it is your own grand-babies!

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