After serving for 31 years as a firefighter on the Fort Worth Fire Department, I retired for a few months.  I worked at a couple of other jobs for awhile, which I loved, but then a certain midwife ask me to assist her with paperwork.  This was over 8 years ago, and it has been 24/7 ever since. Soon after I started, I discovered that to a midwife, the term ‘paperwork’ actually meant everything but delivering babies.  
As many people know, this midwife is actually my wife.  I always knew that she was “called” to be a midwife but it was much later that I realized the vision and assignment she was given was actually given to both of us.  The old saying, the two shall become one, also meant that she was not going to be pulled in one direction and me in the opposite.  We are one.  She is the midwife and I am the business administrator at All About Babies Birth Center.  We love walking out this vision together with so many gifted people.

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