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Our team of midwives strive to provide exceptional care for each of our clients. Our midwives at All About Babies are Certified Professional Midwives and are Licensed Midwives in the State of Texas.  Education is of the utmost importance which means our midwives and students are held to the highest level of academic accomplishment available.   We continually seek to advance in the knowledge of the art, physiology and anatomy of midwifery practice in order to give our clients the safest, evidenced based care possible.

We are blessed to have an excellent working relationship with nearby medical specialists in the event that medical attention is needed. Denton Presbyterian Hospital is only eight miles from All About Babies Birth Center

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy rests in our understanding that God created the female body to bear children. Childbirth is a natural process and yet every aspect of pregnancy, birth, and lactation is no less than a miracle.

Women have been giving birth to healthy babies without medical intervention long before hospitals and doctors. We feel that having your baby in a birth center is not only safe, but also the most natural and fulfilling way to bring your precious gift into the world. We pray you have a perfect pregnancy, a lovely labor, and a beautiful birth!

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“The most amazing team of midwives and student midwives! I am so blessed to know them and have the VBAC I always dreamed of in this warm, caring, supportive environment surrounded by such women of faith. I highly recommend AAB to any pregnant mama out there!”


“I had the most incredible experience of my life at All About Babies. As a first time mommy you really have no idea what to expect when it comes to natural childbirth. Each one of the ladies that attended the birth of my daughter were incredibly kind, understanding and most importantly, reassuring throughout the entire process. The Lord gave me a peace from the first moment I walked in the door that I was to have my baby at this very special place. Thank you all so much for helping me to achieve the birth that I have dreamt about.”


“9 months ago, on December 15th the love of my life and I had the most amazing experience at the birth of the new love of our lives, our daughter. Everyone involved throughout our journey of pregnancy and birth were so professional, gentle and sincere in their passion for what they do. I highly recommend All About Babies. You will feel the LOVE!”


“Love it! Kathleen May was my midwife and along with some great students and other wonderful staff members they made our experience fabulous. I had a rough labor, but they got me through and prayed with me, and encouraged me, and my son (and 4th child) was born in a wonderful environment, surrounded by caring and wonderful women. We will be using them again if we have another child!”


“We have had 2 beautiful babies at home with the AABBC staff. We are so blessed to have them in our lives and if more were in the cards we would be honored to use anyone of the strong, Godly women at the center.”


“They are the perfect combination of personal and loving but also professional and safe. Birthing with them was an absolute privilege and I wouldn't have had it any other way!”


“Had an amazing birth experience. Wonderful midwives and student midwives. You all were awesome, thanks so much for wonderful care from the beginning of our pregnancy to the birth and beyond!”


“Best experience of my life from first visit til 6 week checkup. Will be delivering here again, God willing.”


“Amazing birth experience with my first one and I'm sure the second will be just as wonderful!”


“By far the most caring place you could have a baby.”


“The most loving and caring midwives you'll ever find. They become family.”


You and your baby couldn't be in better, most trustworthy hands!


At AAB we felt respected, educated and treasured. The entire staff feels like part of our family. Our only regret is that we didn't deliver our first child at AAB!


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